Quality Control

KTM team firmly believe that the good quality is the core of a company survival .Thus , every staff in KTM is held accountable for monitoring and improving the quality .

During mould making , every component is empowered to take responsibility for fully inspecting the detail on the operation he has performed . each process will be checked & inspected carefully ,Therefore, we are able to guarantee that the tolerance on the print will be meet 100% for every working component .

We have a professional technology and a excellent management experience QA team, we will endeavor to keep improvement and pursue for perfection so as to offer best service to our customers .
Main QC Procedure
1. Document and Data check
2. Design Optimize Control
3. Steel Hardness Inspection
4. Electrodes Inspection
5. Core and Cavity steel dimension inspection
6. Pre-assembly inspection
7. Trial report and samples inspection
8. Pre-shipment final inspection
9. Mould package inspection

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