Mould Making




KTM Mould had designed , built and produced many high quality hot runner moulds . we are experienced in building a variety of hot runner moulds like as follow brand :

  • Yudo
  • Mould-tip
  • Mould Master
  • DME
  • Synventive
  • Husky

  • Hot runners are popular in high production parts , especially with
    a lot of cavities and the advantages of hot runner moulds are
    obvious :

  • lower injection pressures .
  • lower clamping pressure .
  • no runners to disconnect from the moulded parts .
  • shot size is reduced by runner weight .
  • nozzle freeze and sprue sticking issues eliminated .
  • cleaner moulding process ( no regrinding necessary ) .
  • having no runners reduces the possibility of contamination .
  • consistent heat at processing temperature within the cavity .
  • no runners to remove or regrind , thus no need for process / robotics to remove them .
  • cooling time is actually shorter ( as there is no need for thicker , longer-cycle runners ) .

    However hot runner also have some disadvantages , the cost is more expensive than a cold runner , it requires costly maintenance , and requires more skill to operate . Color changes with hot runner moulds can be difficult since it’s virtually impossible to remove all of the plastic from an internal runner system .

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