Mould Making




When the tool design is finally confirmed , 3D mould drawings is going to be machining to mould by CAM technology . the mould precision can be controlled in customer request with the advanced CAD/CAM technology. We are not only ensure the quality but also the delivery time , 10 sets of high speed CNC , EDM machines and full complement of auxiliary manufacturing functions .

What’s more , we can make full use of the abundant labor force and mature mould manufacturing conditions to expand our staff per the project’s need . Our staffs are working 6 days ,24 hours a week to satisfied customer .for general mould the T1 time is 5-7 weeks after confirmed the tool design .

Except the general plastic injection mould , we are also specialized in Hot runner Mould , Rotation Mould ,
Over-Mould and Die casting Mould as well .

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