Mould Project Management




 Weekly progress report
Weekly progress report and digital mould pictures are presented to customer once a week which show the detailed project progress status, it is easy for customer to control the everything at the same time . As far as customer concerned , we will take great pride in the high standard of customer service offered by KTM. Just one phone call , or e-mail to us and you'll see we are ready for you at any time. Teaming up with a Project Managers and Quality Engineers , we ensure that projects development goes smoothly from the engineering side to the production .

 Material certificate and heat treatment inspection report
Material certificate and heat treatment inspection report will absolutely guarantee the mould material are 100% meet customer's requirements . these related report can be send with the mould delivery .

 3CMM Cavity/Core inspection report
In order to further ensure the muold dimensions and to reduce the quality risk into a minimum .every cavity and core must be inspected with 3CMM(3 Coordinate Measuring Machine). this inspection report will be submitted to you after T1.

 Samples inspection report
Sampling video (including mould open and close movement, cooling connection, a complete mould trial process ) . Samples inspection report will further guarantee the good quality of the products . it will be provided within 3 days after samples delivery . Customer will feel like the mould makes in their own toolshop with such satisfactory service because it save customer’s much time , money and energy to fly to China.

 Mould vacuum package
We are introducing the vacuum packing for export mould , this new method was broken up the traditional packing with oil stains . the advantages of vacuum packing are : the mold will never get rust but very clean and can make production immediately once receive the mould . it will save much of time and energy or even money instead of washing . Meanwhile , in order to better serve customer and for future check , 2D ,3D , part drawings ,EDM , trial parameters and spare parts or Hot sprue drawings if necessary will be shipped together with the exported mould .


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